Belkin International

Consumer electronics and accessories manufacturer
Branding, Digital Design, Photography, Social Media, Web Design
About This Role

Fulltime on-staff Web Designer at Belkin International


Belkin is an American global company that focuses in designing and manufacturing consumer electronic accessory products that make people’s lives easier and better. A large part of the accessories is built specifically for Apple products. Linksys is a brand of data networking hardware products (wifi router) mainly sold to home users and small businesses.


Joined the branding department/studio and helped the company evolve it’s brand aesthetic/improve image and meet it’s needs for creative marketing content to increase online sales. Following the brand guidelines I lead Belkin (mainly) and Linksys projects from concept to final production with the global Art Director’s and Creative Director’s supervision.


• Collaborated with the industrial design and marketing departments on new product launches. Some of the products were Apple certified (MFi). Worked closely with the Head of Digital Marketing on projects.


• Designed content mainly for B2C (this is the B2C portfolio page, click here for B2B). Helped traffic projects with providing project completion time estimates. 


Assisted the Art Director and Senior Designers on-set in the art direction/production of studio/outdoor photoshoots working on fashion-like shots ( setting camera frame, three point lighting, building set). Here are some examples, BOOSTUP™ Wireless Charging Stand 10W for Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony link, BOOSTUP™ Special Edition Wireless Charging Pad link.


• Paired with a copywriter and marketing manager worked on about 20 new product launches for the US market first and then global, designing and amazon e-commerce web product pages (categories: wireless charging, charging cable, adapter, power bank, car charger, wall charger, dock). In tandem, worked with the studio team on shot-lists for 3D product renders/photography direction and provided detailed notes for retouching. Also, casted stock photography based on brand style look/feel. Here are some product page examples, RockStar 3.5mm USB-C Adapter (SKU F7U080) link and amazon link which received a 4,3 out of 5 star score and 10,000 ratings on amazon, BOOSTCHARGE™ USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector (SKU F8J239) link and amazon link which received a 4,5 out of 5 star score and 1,300 ratings on amazon.


• Worked on countless other B2C and B2B projects, updated general content on including hero banner of the homepage, web pods, emails, web banner ads, social media and other. Optimized content for web use and delivered assets to the developer.


• Worked closely with the Head of Digital Marketing and Creative Director on re-designing parts of website sections for the new refreshed website. Lead a web hero banner project for the refreshed website where I solely developed desktop and mobile templates and banners for 70+ product category pages for global use (work in all languages ) example link.


• Took the initiative to provide input for process improvements that lay the foundation for the new workfront cross functional project management system.


• Received an appreciation award from the Vice President of Marketing and Creative Director for my hard work.