Hotel branding and website
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Vakalo Art & Design College – Web design workshop


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Came up with a fictitious hotel brand identity concept that matched my assigned persona. Interviewed the individual who’s persona i needed to target to learn about personality and lifestyle to tailor the design to.


I was tasked to design for a hotel in Berlin, Germany. I borrowed the images from Hotel Provocateur Berlin. The hotel has a 1920s Paris Art Deco aesthetic with beautiful dimly lit interior and a great artistic concept. Came up with hotel name, tagline, concept description, logo, icons, color palette, typography and website. The main goal of this project was to design an interactive website using Adobe XD in desktop and mobile.



Oct 2022 – May 2023 (Athens, Greece)




Brand identity

Brand strategy


Brand mission statement – Tagline


Color Palette


Logo – Icons – Seal