Aquafeeds & Fish Nutrition Corp
About this role


Red Design Consultants – full time employee – Graphic Designer / Assistant Project Manager


As a designer created logo iterations for the brand uplift per client guidance. As a strategist using documents provided by the client and researching I built the brand strategy presentation that started with ascertaining the company’s value proposition, key point of difference, brand attributes, competition, business goals, website goals, sitemap, visual and verbal reference which was handed off to the designer who was responsible of designing the new website. Visited with the Red Team the industry’s factory and met with the CEO and team to learn about the company’s history and values (identity). Performed a location scouting photo shoot and gathered assets that were used to prepare the actual photo/video shoot regarding the new brand identity’s implementation on the new company website.


The logo designs are built in line with the company’s philosophy of  being able to see (eye) the future needs of the industry and using technology and research to meet them. The yin and yang logo stands for different parts complementing each other as there are many moving parts in the production of fish feed that come together in order for the final product to be made.



Dec 2021 – May 2022 (Athens, Greece)




Brand identity

Brand strategy

Brand identity logo uplift options

Factory location scouting

Brand strategy presentation focusing on the website structure and content – Ascertaining the value proposition of the brand

New Irida website site map proposal

Homepage / other pages user experience concept inspiration