A child counting stars – Theater

About this role


M21 FILMS – freelance – Motion Art Director


Designed atmospheric videos for a theatrical play which were projected on-stage during the play to accompany the story. The play was called “A child counting stars” and was performed at the Katerina Vasilakou Theater in Athens, Greece. Worked with the Creative Director (video) and Director of the play on a total of 8 motion graphic videos/images using adobe after effects.


Designed the play’s intro video (stars animation with title), 3D book (turning pages) and other scenes that were not included in the final Director’s cut. Utilized AI to build landscapes. Met a variety of projection surface crop requirements, delivering files in multiple formats and specifications as per the creative brief.



Aug 2023 – Oct 2023 (Athens, Greece)




Motion Graphics

Introduction stars animation with title

Calendar animation with black background

Calendar animation with star background

Moon with hill

Moon with hill movement

Cherry blossom scene (made with AI)

Forest night scene

Sunrise transition

Waterfall scene

Village scene Edessa (1920s)