Cross Country Cycling and Running Relay Marathon Event
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Freelance Graphic Designer (on-site / off-site) Agency: STARMEN Los Angeles, USA


Cross country cycling and running relay marathon event with goal to raise awareness of modern day genocides. Beginning April 24, 2015 – on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.



Generate name options, logo iterations, basic branding and marketing material.



Educated myself in the subject by doing research and finding a large variety of marathon event websites and other applications. After, I met with the STARMEN team and brainstormed concepts for the name and logo. This inspired me to come up with this branding concept: image split in half with two cities. Collaborated with the Executive Producer of STARMEN on putting together the Armenian Consulate General and donation presentations. Worked on the donation deck, flyer, micro website, social media, and other print and web material.



The project was officially recognized by the US Government. Representative Adam Schiff got the opportunity to speak in the U.S. Congress about the marathon and it’s goals. LA2DC Facebook posts reached an audience of 400,000 people and fans in 45 countries.



Aug 2014 – Feb 2016




Brand identity

Print design

Web design

Micro website




Bus stop