ST Engineering-SUTD Centre for Smart Systems

Research center
About This Role

SUTD is a leading research-intensive global university focused on technology and all elements of technology-based design. ST Engineering is a global technology, defense and engineering group specializing in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. 


Since 2015 the Centre for Smart Systems provides a platform for researchers from both organizations to collaborate and exchange innovative thinking, to facilitate the creation of new R&D ideas and solutions. In short, the centre synergises the established engineering capabilities and innovative cultures of both ST Engineering and SUTD, as both take a problem-solving approach and multi-disciplinary mind-set towards business and R&D.



Design logo that reflects the center’s core research and development interests such as innovative technologies to be implemented into cities to better connect people and devices, optimize resources and further automate daily services and tasks.



Followed the brand identity development process, learned about the center and their needs/problems. Performed research on the industry, competition and other relevant art creating moodboards with inspiration which guided me to design logo concepts.



After circulating and editing logo designs we arrived at a final logo that all SUTD and St Engineering center leaders were happy with. The final logo design was completed on time for their official launch.